Volunteering at the Mercy  for Animals booth in 2013

Volunteering at the Mercy for Animals booth in 2013

From English teacher to Army broadcaster, feature film editor to rare book buyer, I am a writer, a wife, a gamer and geek of the highest order, a believer in social justice and an unwavering animal rights advocate. Gradually, I am becoming a programmer and web developer. My life is rich, and my quest for growth and knowledge never ceases. Like Walt Whitman, “I am large, I contain multitudes.”

I finally got around to creating this “codex” because I’ve reached a point in my life in which all the disparate pursuits of my youth seem to be coming home to a focal point, a true life’s path that incorporates all the aspects of who I have been and who I’m becoming. That is to say that visitors are just as likely to see musings on a recent Dr. Who episode or some shiny new gadget I’ve procured (or even better, an ancient piece of hardware I’ve dusted-off) as they are to see evidence of my inherited interest in conspiracy theories or a heartfelt lament for the plight of the world’s animals. Still, I see this endeavor as ultimately the chronicle of my journey from writer with geeky tendencies (and just enough self-taught, hard-won coding knowledge to be dangerous) to junior web developer and beyond. I intend this blog to be a repository for the bits of wisdom I am currently gleaning from code school combined with the experience I have gleaned elsewhere, as a reference for myself and hopefully, for you.

If your own journey has landed you here, I appreciate your visit and hope you will find some value. I am always happy to make a new friend and mentor, and all friendly feedback  and commentary is quite welcome.


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