About Debbie

Deb volunteering for Mercy for Animals in 2013

From English teacher to Army broadcaster, feature film editor to rare book buyer, I am a writer, a wife, a gamer and geek of the highest order, a believer in social justice and an unwavering animal rights advocate.

I spent the last few years as a student, instructor, and then Campus Director of (what I consider) Portland’s best code school, Epicodus. My time there was a wonderful convergence of my meandering pursuits, allowing me to embrace the #techlife with gusto, and affording me deep, enduring friendships with members of my ever-widening tribe. (Cheers to the love and longevity of my Thursday night D&D group. Extremos comes usque in sempiternum! )

Still, even with unfettered access to the amazing tech community, a piece of me was missing, a dream left unfulfilled. Always a proud dilettante, (like Walt Whitman, I am large, I contain multitudes), I gradually found myself longing for fresh ground to cover, new ways to contribute to a better world. The incessant drumbeat of my spirit, when I finally heeded it, did not call me to unknown frontiers, however. Instead, I find myself eagerly exploring the neglected boulevards of the literary world I sped past long ago on my way to somewhere else, glimpsed in my periphery and bookmarked in my brain as a place I want to go when I have the time. There comes a point in each of our lives when we must reconcile the lists, check-off the goals accomplished, abandon a few pipe dreams perhaps, and then turn completely toward the one that scares us and invigorates us in equal measure. For me, that’s publishing.

I finally got around to creating this “codex” because I’ve reached a point in my life in which all the disparate pursuits of my youth seem to be coming home to a focal point, a true life’s path that incorporates all the aspects of who I have been and who I’m becoming. That is to say that visitors are just as likely to see musings on a recent Dr. Who episode or some shiny new gadget I’ve procured (or even better, an ancient piece of hardware I’ve dusted-off) as they are to see evidence of my inherited interest in understanding conspiracy theories or a heartfelt lament for the plight of the world’s animals.

Still, I see this endeavor as ultimately the chronicle of my journey from writer with geeky tendencies to small press publisher and beyond. I intend this blog to be a repository for the bits of wisdom I am gleaning from research and mentors, combined with the experience I have picked up elsewhere, as a reference for myself and hopefully, for you. If your own journey has landed you here, I appreciate your visit and hope you will find some value. I am always happy to make a new friend, and all friendly feedback and commentary is quite welcome.


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